Unexploded WWII Bomb Forces 6,000 Evacuations in Paris

8 Feb

More than 6,000 Parisians were forced from their homes this weekend after builders found an unexploded WWII Royal Air Force bomb on the grounds of French carmaker Renault.

The 1000 pound device was located in Boulogne-Billancourt, on the outskirts of the city. Experts believe it fell 69 years ago during a bombing run that sought to avoid civilian casualties. More than 400 policemen evacuated anyone whose home lay within 400 meters of the bomb, because it was considered “live and dangerous.”

In typical French fashion, though, the builders actually first discovered the bomb in January, but couldn’t diffuse it until this past weekend.

“The bomb was originally found by builders carrying out work in late January, but experts have only been able to start diffusing it today. The area is now completely safe,” a spokesman for the mayor’s office in Boulogne told The Telegraph.

Technicians diffuse WWII bomb found in Paris

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