Weird Musical Covers

7 Feb

I know I’ve already covered Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” extensively, but I stumbled upon some really bizarre covers and thought I’d enlighten you with them.

1. Lil Wayne— “Green and Yellow”

By far the biggest star on this list, Wayne came out with his tribute to the Packers during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. As always, his lyrics are witty and his rythmes are sick. Also, he live-blogged the game for The Wall Street Journal. You read that right.

2. Lyrikkal— “Pink and Purple”

Remember Will Smith’s daughter and “Whip My Hair?” Well, another 9-year-old has burst onto the music scene with her over of Khalifa’s song. Her name is Lyrikkal and she likes “Pink and Purple.” With messages like “Tryna finish this homework so i can go 2 the studio.. Workin on my first 2 original songs!!” from her own Twitter account, better watch out.

3. Vinny Guadagnino— “Black and Guido”

One of the original members of “Jersey Shore” decided to profit off the waves of videos about this song. In his homemade video, Vinny describes his ideal woman. The lyrics are really stupid and the video looks like something I could have created for a 2nd grade project, but people want Vinny to release the song on iTunes. Also, more than 8 million people watched the season premiere of “Jersey Shore.” That makes it MTV’s most-watched program ever. RIP, America.

4. Chet Haze— “White and Purple”

He calls himself Chet Haze, but he’s actually the son of an extremely famous actor. Who would have a rapper for a son? Tom Hanks is correct. Haze raps about Northwestern University, where he’s currently a student. “Much love to both the fans and the haters for helping me pop off,” he tweeted.

BONUS: “Christian Ladies (Purity Ring On It)”

Well, they missed the trend by about two years, but you have to give these ladies credit for trying to make the topic of purity rings hip and cool. Though they do kind of confuse their message since the video was posted by a YouTube account called “Kissmetranny.”

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