What’s Going On With the Bush Family?

5 Feb

Two surprising stories from the Bush family this week.

1) Bush’s Daughter Comes Out in Favor of Gay Marriage: Barbara Bush filmed an advertisement in support of gay marriage. In the ad, she says “everyone should have the right to marry the person they love.” She joins people like Meghan McCain and Mary Cheney who differed with their parents on social issues. As president, of course, George W. Bush supported a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. But since he left the White House, he’s taken several surprising positions. Including…

2) Bush Worries Country is Becoming Too “Nativist”: Speaking at Southern Methodist University last month, the former president expressed hope that a “rational immigration policy” would be developed in the future. Presently, though, he worries that the country is becoming too “nativist,” and returning to the era of xenophobia that existed in the 1920s. His historical analysis was somewhat spotty, but the point is an excellent one.


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