Music Industry Hits a New Low

2 Feb

Singer/Songwriter Amos Lee sold the most albums last week with his Mission Bell, but set a new low for the music industry by only selling 40,000 copies. Unfortunately, Lee’s is the latest in a string of record-breaking albums, in terms of the fewest sold to still top the chart.

Two weeks ago, Cake set the previous low mark when they moved 44,000 copies of Showroom of Compassion to top the chart. Before that, Taylor Swift set the low mark when her chart-topping album Speak Now only sold 52,000 to top the charts (before that, the album had sold well over a million copies).  In second place was Iron and Wine’s Kiss Each Other Clean, which sold 39,000 copies. Both Iron and Wine’s and Lee’s albums set individual records for the artists, nearly tripling their previous debuts.

One Response to “Music Industry Hits a New Low”

  1. wickedmike February 2, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    I’m glad because it means that revolution is on the way. And when quality smallbies are at least getting support over major pop stars, it’s damn cool.

    Independent music sales now equal the majors in the USA. And digital sales at Amazon topped real album sales the past year. Zeitgeist.

    Not to hijack your blog but check out

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