Ice Cream Picture in Snow Goes Viral

28 Jan

Zach Burroughs probably didn’t expect anything unusual when he went to get an ice cream cone on Jan. 26. Little did he know that a Washington Post photographer was lurking. One click, then the photographer chased down Burroughs to get his consent. The picture was pretty good.

The next morning…he was on the front page of the newspaper.

Well, the Post chased him down and conducted an interview about his new fame. Through it, we learned the answers to some burning questions. Why was getting ice cream in a blizzard?

He saw a co-worker with a cone and got a craving that he couldn’t resist. “They [a local restaurant] have pistachio ice cream and I love pistachio. So whether it was snowing or not, I was going to go get it,” says 25-year-old Burroughs. “As you can see from my face in the picture, I wasn’t much enjoying the snow smacking me in the face.”

The Internet is a wonderful thing.

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