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26 Jan

1) The Last Temptation of Ted (GQ): Remember Ted Haggard? He was the super pastor and president of the National Association of Evangelicals. Then, four years ago, his empire crumbled when he admitted to using crystal meth and having a sexual relationship with a male prostitute. Though he was not the first, nor the last, religious figure to fall victim to personal demons, the press crucified him. Now, after years of therapy, he’s back with an interesting profile in GQ. He believes that his family now lives a “normal” life (which is I guess why they chose the picture below for the magazine?). Another revelation from the Pastor: “I think that probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual.” Why do you say that?

2) Emily Ross and Ryan Hubbard (The New York Times): I don’t usually browse the New York Times’ wedding section, but a friend sent me this story (they prefer to not be identified). If you’re looking for a succinct illustration of how my generation’s beliefs about courtship and marriage have changed, look no further than this piece. Extended long-distance relationship. Flirting over social media, long before meeting in person. Moving to another coast, without a job, to stay with someone. Marriage with a promise of no children (after being reluctant to marry at all). In spite of all that, a couple that seems really happy.

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