Venezuela Dislikes Colombian Soap Opera

24 Jan

Why, you might ask? Well let me give you a little plot summary of the show, called “Chepe Fortuna.” Our story is partially based on the lives of two sisters, Colombia and Venezuela.  The character of Venezuela is a “blabbing, highly emotional secretary.” In one episode, Venezuela loses her pet dog, “Little Hugo” and calls a friend, asking what will become of her without Hugo. Her friends replies, “You will be free, Venezuela…Hugo is messing up everything in the house…he’s making you look bad.”

A local TV station was asked to pull the show off primetime, because it made the country of Venezuela look bad.  I don’t really get it. Oh, the leader of Venezuela is named Hugo Chavez and the countries have been in period of rocky relations because of ideological differences. Nah, still don’t get it.

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