Scientists: 8 Percent of Fans Leave Sports Games Drunk

19 Jan

Do your personal experiences support this conclusion? Researchers at the University of Minnesota were able to use a breathalyzer on 362 sports fans leaving 3 NFL and 13 MLB games. It’s important to note that these fans were willing participants in the study, and elected to do so. If you could test unwilling, inebriated fans, the results could be even higher.

Of those sampled, 40% had some positive Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), ranging from .005 to .21, and eight percent of fans left the stadium legally drunk. The study’s lead scientist points out a startling fact: if that 8 percent holds, close to 5,000 people could leave every game too impaired to legally drive.

Fans under the age of 35 were nine times more likely to be drunk than older spectators. Attendees were also 14 times more likely to be intoxicated if they tailgated before the game. The largest percentage of positive BAC readings game after Monday-night games.

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