Beer Drama in Seattle

7 Jan

Two separate stories relating to beer drew the attention of people across Seattle today.

1) Beer and Wine Tasting at Farmer’s Markets?: A new bill would create a pilot program of beer and wine tastings in 10 farmer’s markets across the state, beginning in summer 2011. Proponents argue that small wineries and breweries struggle to market to consumers and this program would allow small business owners easier access to potential buyers. The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, Washington State Farmers Market Association and Rockridge Farms all testified in support of the proposal.

2) Qwest Beergate: As you may have heard, the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks somehow managed to limp their way into the playoffs with a 7-9 record. On Saturday, they play the defending champion New Orleans Saints in Seattle. The mayors of both cities have made a bet on the game. The last thing the city needs the day before the game is a major beer scandal. Too bad.  The video below appeared today, showing that the small and large beer glasses hold the same amount of liquid.The company that supplies the stadium says that the 16 oz. cups actually hold 20 oz. of liquid so…the fans have been getting a great bargain! Yeah, whatever.

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