News about Alcohol

18 Dec

The alcoholic beverage has been in the news quite a bit in recent days. Some of my favorite stories….

1) Alcohol Slows Digestion: That’s right. The results of a new study, appearing in the next issue of BMJ, reveal that the body takes around 6 hours to digest a fondue meal when paired with water and tea. When the beverages are swapped, in favor of wine and schnapps, the body takes around 9 hours to digest the same food.

2) Really Expensive Beers Are In: In-style, that is. The website Eater, which tracks food news and trends, reports a slew of pricey craft beers. Of particular note, the Antarctic Nail Ale that sold for $800/ bottle at auction. Why so much? Well, the beer is made (partially) from melted Antarctic ice water.  If you want more booze for your buck, consider a 12-liter bottle of beer that retails for over $1,000. A London restaurant has sold three the huge bottles of La Vieille Bon Secourts. Or check out the PR stunt of one company below:

3) Four Loko Tasting Menu: The alcohol-packed, energy drink will not go away quietly. Chef Matt Levin of the Philadelphia restaurant Adsum will offer a $35 tasting menu that will be paired with Four Loko. Levin said he tweeted the idea as a joke, but consumers quickly lined up for the chance to sample the bizarre menu.


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