New Profession in China: Body Fisherman

9 Dec

Yeah, I know I’ve been writing a lot about China of late. But, these stories are really interesting.

Today, I read on CNN about a new type of profession that is emerging along the Yellow River in China. A group of fisherman has taken to fishing out and removing bodies found in the river. According to one of the men, more than 100 bodies have been located this year alone. The story claims these bodies are murder victims or people who committed suicide in the nearby city of Lanzhou.

He charges $450 to turn the body over for identification and advertises his services by spray painting his cell phone number along the river. For what it’s worth, the locals approve of this service.

“They are working a job like anyone else,” said Ms. Wei of nearby Shangping village. “And somebody has to do it, right? Otherwise our river might get too full with bodies.”

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