Best Thing of the Year

3 Dec

Easily. Have you ever wondered what happened to such memorable celebrities as Ricki Lake, Huey Lewis (singer), The Rednex (“Cotton Eyed Joe”), Roger Moore (“James Bond”), Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”), Tonya Harding (Skater known for ordering the beating of Nancy Kerrigan), George Wendt (Norm Peterson on “Cheers”), Right Said Fred (“I’m Too Sexy”), Fabrice Morvan (1/2 of Milli Vanilli), Steve Guttenberg (movie star), Glenn Close (movie star) and MANY others? Well, apparently they’ve all come together to film a promo for an upcoming Norwegian talk show.  You really couldn’t get more random than this crew, if you tried. Oh… and it’s set to “Let it Be” by the Beatles. With a green screen of a tropical beach. You may ask, “why?” Great question.

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