Long Articles Worth Reading

1 Dec

1) Inside Sarah Palin’s Inner Circle: This article, which first appeared in The New York Times Magazine, offers the latest glimpse into the mysterious world of the ex-governor of Alaska.

2) The Waiting: A look at the 20 hours spent waiting by survivors of the August crash that claimed the lives of ex-Senator Ted Stevens and four others in Alaska.

3) The Dark Lord of Coal Country: Rolling Stone profiles Don Blankenship, the head of one of the country’s biggest coal companies. The article is in-depth and thorough, but can only be found in the hard copy of the magazine or for subscribers online.

4) Precedent and Prologue: The New Yorker published an article by Jeffrey Toobin in honor of the ten-year anniversary of Bush v. Gore. Also worth reading: Toobin’s book on the 2000 recount.


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