News From Italy

30 Nov

News out of Italy today is not good all around. On a variety of issues.

1) More School Protests: Thousands of students took to the streets across the country, protesting cuts in public funding for the university system (already underfunded). These same protests occurred while I was studying abroad in late 2008 and continue. Below is video taken at the train station in Bologna (where I’ve spent much time). Police appear to charge students.

2) More Walls Fall Down: Following the collapse of the House of Gladiators earlier this month, archaeologists in Pompeii were on high alert. Unfortunately, the wall of an ancient garden fell yesterday.

3) A New Economic Disaster Brewing: Following a bailout of Ireland by members of the European Union, several economists are suggesting more countries on shaky economic ground. Italy made the list.

4) Berlusconi— The Joke of the World: It’s been quite a month for the leader of Italy. First, a teen Moroccan girl claimed Berlusconi would host “Bunga Bunga” parties where a group of naked girls surrounded the prime minister in a bizarre underwater ritual.  The latest scandal moved the government to the brink of collapse, as previous allies fell left and right. Now, another escort claims those parties were full of underage girls, who were paid handsomely for sexual favors.

5) A Sign of Berlusconi’s Mind: The Prime Minister authorized what amounted to plastic surgery on two statues. Of particular note: he commissioned a penis for a statue of Mars, the god of war.

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