Political Links: 11/1

2 Nov

That’s right. Tomorrow is election day. The most expensive campaign season ever will finally come to an end. Democrats will likely suffer heavy loses, but the beauty of elections is you never know until all (or in the case of Florida, some) of the votes are counted.

1. Need Help Making Up Your Mind At the Polls?: Project Vote Smart VoteEasy is a remarkable site that allows you to input your views on the issues, and then offers you a list of candidates that are most closely aligned with you. Then, you can read about each candidate’s stance on the important issues.

2. Yo, My Bad: Well, it’s not like she’s going to win anyway. Delaware punch line and occasional senate candidate Christine O’Donnell opted for one final push before election day. She purchased space to run a 30-minute television ad. Well, the TV station “forgot to air it.”

3) Dancing Lightens Up Tense Florida Campaign: In the race for Governor of the state of Florida, Democrat Alex Sink and Republican Rick Scott (yay, for 1 syllable last names) are neck-and-neck. Sink took some time off from campaigning to dance to “Dangerous.” Wait, what?

4) Some Politicians Took Time Off For Trick-Or-Treating: Specifically, the Obamas welcomed a group of youngsters to the White House where they received…. “a serving of dried fruit.” Yep, the Obamas are that couple from the neighborhood.

5) Best Sign Ever: An emergency meeting of the Delaware Witches Association.

6) GOP’s Biggest Fear: Sarah Palin winning the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2012. They will now try and stop her. Something to do after winning tomorrow.

7) Best Soap Opera Ever: Coming live to you from Alaska. The three person race to be senator has been chocked full of surprises. The candidates: current GOP senator Lisa Murkowski (make sure you spell it right) who lost the primary but is now running a write-in bid for the spot, Tea Party darling Joe Miller who has been scandal plagued in recent weeks and Scott McAdams the small-town mayor with a big-time heart (and bigger body) for Alaska. Republicans now fear that Murkowski (who’s running as an independent, but really as a Republican) and Miller will split the vote. That would allow McAdams the chance to claim victory in the heavily red state. How to stop this: make up stories about journalists?

8) What If…: Political predictor Nate Silver gives the best case for the Republicans and vice versa.

Most importantly, GO VOTE! No matter what your political opinions, this is democratic and what makes America so great. Don’t take it for granted. Need examples why every vote matters:

1. 2008 Minnesota Senate Elections: Democrat Al Franken wins by 312 votes

2. 1974 New Hampshire Senate Election: Republican Louis Wyman has 2 vote lead after voting ends.

3. 2004 Washington State Governor’s Race: Christine Gregoire beats Dino Rossi by 133 votes.


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