Links: 10/27

27 Oct

1) Hope For the Planet: Scientists announce plans for a degradable form of styrofoam made from milk proteins and clay.

2) Awesome Mini-Documentary On The Pizza Man: Dom DeMarco has been making pizza for Di Fara in New York City for more than 40 years. Now, one filemaker has immortalized his work in a film short.

3) Want a Bigger Penis?: If you rely on spam to get it, too bad. Russian authorities closed one spam e-mail site in September and the number of spam messages worldwide decreased by one fifth.

4) Don’t You Hate Drunk Dials: Yeah, me too. Especially when they come from ex-Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor at 1 a.m.

5) What Are The Odds?: The Israeli lottery selects 36, 33, 32, 26, 14, 13, and the additional ‘strong’ number as the winning numbers for a drawing. Those same numbers were picked three weeks before. The odds: 1 in 4 trillion.

6) “Interesting” Search Terms Lead People to Site: Mother Jones records 12 recent Google searches and the articles those searches linked to on their site. People search for weird things.

7) John Lennon Tribute: There have been many this year. But this from British rapper Dan Bull is awesome.

8) Really Early Picture of Human Found: Scientists find two figures lurking in this early photo Cincinnati.

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