Grab Bag of News

26 Oct

1) So You Think Your Day At Work Was Bad: Outside of Kansas City, Missouri a man survived an hour-long ride through the sewer system after his harness snapped. After being taken to the hospital, he was given antibiotics because he may have ingested raw sewage.

2) Boy Scouts Ban Gay Troop Leader: Jon Langbert had served as the leader of his son’s troop for more than 2 years. He wants the organization to change the policy, so he can return to lead once more.

3) Something Useful: The people of South Africa may soon have other uses for the noisy vuvuzelas that dominated the World Cup this summer. One site is soliciting ideas for how to use the instruments. The winning ideas will be adopted by local craftsmen.

4) Comic Banned: Wiley Miller had this comic axed from publication by major news outlets because it made fun of intolerance in America. What do you think?

[The Week]


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