Links: 10/23

23 Oct

Sorry about the lack of postings this week, everyone. I’ve been kind of off the map in every electronic way imaginable. Work has been picking up, and I haven’t found the time to post.  This will be remedied, starting now.

1) Some Sort of Extracurricular Activity: A freshman dorm on Georgetown’s campus was closed when a meth lab was discovered in one of the rooms.

2) Adult Entertainment…That’s Socially Conscious: That’s how one South African producer is marketing his upcoming adult film.  In the movie, which means “Naked” in the native language, all cast members wear condoms and were tested for HIV.

3) That’s Embarrassing: A “stealth” British submarine got stuck in the mud. Now, rescuers have to figure out how to get it out.

4) World’s Dumbest Criminal Nominee: A man rapes a woman, then calls to ask her if she’s mad at him. She agrees to meet with him, and the police arrest him.

5) The Middle Class in Africa: A really interesting photo project that documents the ever-growing middle class in Africa. If you read French, all the better. The English website is a bit iffy.

6) Most Pathetic Criminal Ever: A Washington woman was arrested after taping herself having sex with a 16-year-old boy. Where did they meet? While playing “World of Warcraft.”

7) Funny Berlusconi Moment: This one comes from a made-up sitcom dialogue. Also, in news from Italy. The mafia is dominating the renewable energy market.

8) Lots of Great “It Gets Better” Moments: Some of my favorites from the week.

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