Links: 10/16

16 Oct

1) A Peddle in the Right Direction: A new grocery store in Portland has more parking spaces for bicyclists than motorists.

2) This is Real Government Intervention: The French government will get involved with the music purchases of its’ citizens. They will offer 50 euro gift cards for 25 euros, in an effort to combat music piracy. The French government expects 1 million cards to be sold annually.

3) College Athletes Do Worse Than Non-Athletes: So claims a new survey by the College Sports Project, which looked at grades from students from 84 Division III schools.

4) Walmart Plans To Expand Local Food Options: The chain plans to offer shoppers more food selections from local farms. On a limited basis. Grist will evaluate this plan over the next couple of months. This comes as McDonalds unveiled a new ad campaign in Washington State. The company claims in the ads that much of its food in Washington comes from local producers.

5) Hang Ten, In the Middle East: The Atlantic profiles surfers in an unusual location. Gaza.

6) Election Season is Coming: Must be time for a compilation of the best (and worst) of poltical ads of the year.  My favorite is below.

7) What a Strike:

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