Links: 10/14

14 Oct

1) Scare Tactics: A republican mailing in Arizona suggests that being soft on illegal immigration will allow immigrants into neighborhoods, with guns. This is almost as scary as Christine O’Donnell not being able to name a Supreme Court decision she disagreed with. Sound familiar?

2) 50 Cent Being Pressured to Buy…: A rhino. The rhino, named Phila, was shot 9 times but survived. Like 50 cent.

3) Why Are Americans Fat?: Oh, I figured it out. This video sums it up.

4) No, ‘I’m Sorry’: Not from Dick Cheney, anyway. Harry Whittington, the man Cheney shot in 2006 during a hunting trip, has never received an official apology from the former Vice President. In his first interview since the incident, Whittington reveals the seriousness of his injuries, which were previously described as far less serious.

5) Keep the Oceans Clean: Don’t kill the whales. Not, perhaps, because of your conventional reasoning. In fact, new research suggests the ocean needs whales for their poop.

6) What a Pad: Indian Billionaire Mukesh Ambani has recently moved into his $1 billion home. The complex is 27 stories high in Mumbai and require 600 staff people to keep it working.

7) Awkward Naming Mistake: Green party candidate for governor in Illinois Rich Whitney’s name has been misspelled on some of the ballots. Just one letter off. Unfortunately, the ballot reads, Rich Whitey.

8) Wait For It: And be amazed.

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