Links: 10/12

12 Oct

1) When It Drops: This new website tracks movies, DVDs and CDs coming out each week.

2) Crackdown on Roma People, Amid Bad Press: France has openly sought to crack down on this “gypsy” people. Now, Italy appears to be f0llowing suit. The news comes amid news of 28 children being removed from a Roma child trafficking group in England.

3) A Morning Pick-Me-Up: What is the next breakfast food of champions? Donuts, according to one psychology study.

4) Climbing Into a Volcano: One group explored a volcano, by lowering a scientist into it. Check out the video here.

5) Need An Apartment?: This is one of the world’s smallest apartments. Available in Rome, right next to Berlusconi’s home.

6) Someone Finally Writes What We’re All Thinking: Brett Favre is a prima donna.

7) The Future of Political Polling: The Economist believes polling for American elections is increasingly suspect.

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