Links: 10/11

11 Oct

1) Last Name Gets TV Host Into Trouble: New Zealand TV Host Paul Henry is in hot water following his mocking of chief Delhi minister Sheila Dikshit’s last name. Watch the clip below.

2) Brazil’s Nuts: Google announced StreetView was coming to the country last week. Then, reports surfaced that images of murder victims were among those posted of the country. Google has taken many of the images down.

3) Could Have Called This: Following the outcry on social media, Gap announced today that they would continue to use their old logo.

4) Quick, Cool Million: One billionaire made the vow that he would pay the first person to streak in front of Obama $1 million. Today, in Philadelphia, the prize was claimed. At the same rally, someone threw a book at Obama’s head. It gets weirder. The person was an Obama supporter and the book’s author.

5) Fire Away: Following a spat of negative press for his opponent, Democratic Senate candidate Joe Manchin released a new TV ad today. Let’s just say: it packs a lot of fire power.

6) Kangaroo On the Course:

7) Follow the Drugs: How do illegal drugs get from Mexico to the Washington DC area? The answer here.

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