Links: 10/7

7 Oct

1) The…Logo Money Can Buy: Critics hated the new Gap logo that was unveiled yesterday, in spite of the fact that the company paid lots for the re-design. In response to the criticism, the company says, “we’re open to other ideas.”

2) Money Can’t Buy…Governor: Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman has spent more than $140 million on her election campaign to date.  That averages to $234,113 per day of the race and $9,754.70 an hour. The most ironic part: she now trails challenger Jerry Brown by 5 points.

3) Youngest People Are Online: Over 90 percent of toddlers have some sort of online presence, according to a new survey. Five percent of new mothers create a social network profile for their child after birth and 7 percent start an e-mail address.

4) India’s Commonwealth Games Disaster Gets Worse: Two odd bits of news from the Games today. More than 50 swimmers were sickened by the pool water. Then, the sewer system in the athletes’ village became blocked. The reason? More than 4,000 used condoms blocking the system. The President of the Commonwealth Games Federation tried to turn the condom problem into a positive:

If that is happening, it shows that there is use of condoms and I think that is a very positive story. Athletes are being responsible. If they are so active then that’s very good.

Yeah, whatever.

5) Bigger is Better: If you’re interested in making money, that is. A new study reveals that skinnier men make less money than fatter ones. $8,437 less, actually.

6) No One Out of Work In Your Home State: Two GOP candidates goofed by hiring actors to play disgruntled workers in TV ADs. Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich from Ohio hired a man to play a factory worker in his latest advertisement. Then, the National Republican Senatorial Committee hired three men for an ad on behalf of John Raese. The casting call says, “We are going for a ‘Hicky’ Blue Collar look. These characters are from West Virginia so think coal miner/trucker looks.” Well, at least no one in those states is looking for work.


7) Latest Health Risk: Keeping your laptop on your lap for extended periods of time could cause Toasted Skin Syndrome, or even cancer. I better stop writing.

8) Watch Out, New York City: There is a growing trend. Drunk bicyclists.

9) Coolest Coffee Shop Ever: Just look.

10) Sticky Residue Left on Something?: You can wash it off with a product available in most houses. Vodka.

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