Links: 10/6

6 Oct

1) Strange Plastic Surgery: Rumors are flying that the heir-apparent in North Korea— Kim Jong-un— had surgery to resemble his grandfather.

2) You Better Go Vote on November 2: Because this year’s elections are predicted to cost more than $5 billion. That’s five times more than the Presidential Election of 2008.

3) Legendary Polygamist Dies: Akuku “Danger” had more than 200 children and leaves 100 widows. He founded two elementary schools and a church for his family’s personal use. When he passed away at the age of 93, he left a 3 month old son, among many others.

4) Another Fad Bites the Dust: A recent poll reveals that Android has become the most popular operating system among smart phone buyers in recent month. iPhone and Blackberry are tied for second. Still, there is no chance of seeing all those iPhones disappear anytime soon.

5) No Big Success: CNN’s Parker Spitzer, a new late-night talk show featuring ex-New York governor Elliot Spitzer, debuted to awful ratings.

6) Sun Chips Are Environmentally Friendly (Up to a Point): The noisy, but easy to compost bags, have been scrapped. Too noisy.

7) Is This a Joke: MTV is reportedly going to bring back “Punk’d” with new host— Justin Bieber.

8) He’s So Smooth: Obama handles a prop malfunction with grace.

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