Links: 10/2

2 Oct

1) National Treasures Through the Years: Time compiles snapshots from Yosemite National Park dating back more than 100 years.

2) Time to Catch Up Politicians: Senators may have voted against debating the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (despite large public support for doing so), and a tragic episode of cyber bullying may have caused a young man to commit suicide at Rutgers University, but there is some good news for the gay community this week.  Archie Comics published an issue with the first gay character and, for the first time ever, the issue sold out so quickly that it prompted a reprint.

3) Man, It’s A Hot One: In case you were hibernating or asleep for the past months, the summer of 2010 was really hot. The 4th hottest ever.

4) This Cartoon Sums Up Politics Today:

5) Rumors: Could any of these be true? Rolling Stones tour in 2011?  J.K Rowling could write more “Harry Potter” books?

6) Here’s Something Refreshing: A wealthy politician refusing to use his own money to buy run a political campaign. The same can’t be said for California’s $119 million woman— Meg Whitman. She’s still behind in the polls.

7) Must Read: Obama’s Rolling Stone interview.

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