Links: 9/29

29 Sep

1) Lots of People Want to Be An American Idiot: Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had his Broadway debut last night to rave reviews.

2) Working For Less Than Minimum Wage: India has hired 38 monkeys to patrol venues ahead of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

3) Another…well, duh: Apparently, when people send snail mail these days, it’s more personal than e-mail. Also, people send many more e-mails.

4) Keep Confusing Kids: Well, Pluto is no longer a planet. Now, scientists are considering whether to change Mercury’s designation as well.

5) Partners In Crime: Mark Zuckerberg and Snoop Dogg could go into business together? Well, according to one tweet.

6) Knox Movie Has Few Fans: A columnist for The Telegraph says the upcoming Amanda Knox movie will be nothing but pornographic. That was the most positive part of his review.

7) At Long Last: Germany will make its final reparations payment from World War I on October 3.

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