Links: 9/28

28 Sep

A really interesting day of news.

1) Necessary Medical Equipment: All forth and fifth year medical students at the University of Leeds will receive an iPhone on loan for the rest of their education. The phones will come full of apps that will help students take notes and study for exams. Yeah, right.

2) All Knowing Google Lords Don’t Want You To Search Dirty Things: A website has released an extremely, somewhat creepily, detailed list of all words that will not display results instantly under Google Instant. Don’t expect instant results when you search “women rapping.”

3) Awesome artwork: Check out this 3d mural that was unveiled today in London.

4) Speaking of Odd Art: Check out the latest piece of art on display outside of the Stock Exchange in Milan, Italy.

5) Another Marvel of Italian Art: Art restorers have managed to reveal a naked dwarf, previously obscured for hundreds of years. Director of the Uffizi, the famous art museum in Florence, Antonio Natali blamed “moralizing brushes” for the censorship.

6) Somebody’s Optimistic: Economist Jeffrey Hirsch believes an eight-year “Super Boom” will begin in 2017 that will send the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 38,820. It has a ways to grow. Right now, the Dow sits at 10,858.

7) Losing My Religion: Which group of people knows the most about religion in the United States? You guessed it. Atheists and agnostics. The least? Catholics and protestants.

8) Common Mistake: The host of “Australia’s Next Top Model” announces the wrong winner. This doesn’t happen to Tyra Banks.

9) Not Your Ordinary James Bond: Air Force brass believe they know who has been spying on nuclear power plants. Aliens!

10) Hell on Wheels: Another awesome Life gallery. Never-before-published pictures of the Hells Angels from 1965.

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