Links: 9/27

27 Sep

1) House Membership to Shift: After analysis of the 2010 Census, the time-honored tradition of reapportioning seats in the House of Representative will occur. New York to lose 2 seats; Florida gains 2.

2) Tragic Accident Kills One of Britain’s Wealthiest Citizens: Jim Heselden, who owned the Segway brand, died when a Segway he was driving went over a cliff and into a river.

3) F***ing Sweet New Twitter App: Cursebird tracks tweets with swearing in them.

4) Video of Emergency Landing: Ignoring the warnings of a flight attendant, two passengers on Delta Flight 4951 filmed the emergency landing of their plane. Sparks fly.

5) Steve Jobs Responds to E-mail: And seemingly petty ones. A student was shocked that the Apple CEO personally responded (rudely) to her e-mail about a paper.

6) Jaws: Video of several great white sharks eating a whale.

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