Links: 9/23

23 Sep

1) Netflix Messes Up: What do the movie rental people have in common with North Korea? They used actors at a launch in Canada to promote their foray into the country, just like North Korea used actors at the World Cup. Still, Netflix is doing better than Blockbuster, which declared bankrupcy today.

2) Good Heart or Good PR: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a $100 million donation to the Newark public schools.  Coincidentally, The Social Network, which doesn’t portray Zuck nicely comes out October 1.  Zuckerberg himself was seen outside of Seattle at a screening of the film, in spite of his vow not to see it.

3) Do You Know How Boycott Became a Word?: Well, it was a person first.  Charles Boycott and 24 other people whose names became nouns.

4) An Interview From the 1950s: Watch this interview with Jim Russell, an anti-immigrant, anti-jew, segregationist. Oh, but I was wrong, this interview is from 2010 and he’s running for Congress. He squirms a little.

5) Our Bad: Officials in India apologize for the unsanitary, unhygienic conditions of housing for athletes in the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Dehli. The country was trying to show modernity and how it could compete with China.

6) Twat Convicted for Tweet: One British man was convicted for threatening to blow up “Robin Hood” airport in a tweet. Now, his life is ruined.

7) Free Beer: The makers of Budweiser will give out free samples at a national “Happy Hour” September 29 to promote slumping sales.

8) Now Taking Your Questions: Walter Breuning, the world’s oldest man.

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