Links: 9/17

17 Sep

1) Putin Pop Song: A $300 bet to write a pop song? Results in the new theme song for Vladmir Putin.

2) Alternative Power Source: A dog park powers itself by a new source of power. Dog poop!

3) Shocking Ads: Italians have always been huge fans of controversial ads. Here’s the latest batch, and their objectors.

4) Photoshopped Again: All to make the Egyptian president look better.

5) Somebody Made a Lot of Money: To come up with this logo for the Democrats. Ouch.

6) Weird New Book: The story of the Englishman who sent himself in the mail.

7) No Homo: Video makes fun of Jason DeRulo and rap music in general.

8) Acid Attack Faked: The Washington state woman who claimed an unknown assailant threw acid in her face during a trip to Vancouver faked the attack.

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