Links: 9/2

2 Sep

1) Disaster For Arizona Governor: Owing to the strange fact that Arizona has no lieutenant governor, Jan Brewer became governor when Janet Napolitano joined President Obama’s cabinet as Secretary of Homeland Security.  In April, she gained national attention by signing a tough immigration law. Since then, she’s gotten weird. Recently, she has claimed repeatedly that illegal immigrants are beheading people in the desert. Yesterday, she debated her democratic challenger for the governorship, Terry Goddard, on live television. The results were horrid. First, she offered one of the worst opening statements ever (one article joked, “Jan Brewer was unaware that debates often include opening statements“). After the debate, she shrugged off reporters, who asked her clarify her remarks on those “beheadings.” Are you okay, Jan?

2) Bad News for the Chilean Miners: Some more than others.  First, comes the news that the miners may not be paid during their ordeal (let’s hope someone steps in here). Then, no alcohol and cigarettes while they’re stuck. Finally, it may be a rough reunion for one of the men.  His wife and his mistress are both waiting for him on the surface. One happy note: a marriage proposal was accepted by one woman.

3) Another Study That Proves the Obvious: We check our e-mail too much. Not as shocking as a survey that revealed that 1 in ten people under 25 would text during sex.

4) Strange News From London: Apparently, Prime Minister Cameron (check out his new baby) takes the phrase “special friendship” to include Twitter as well.  The PM’s official twitter account has been banned from following anyone else on the social networking site after becoming the third highest follower in the world. The government blames a bug that caused the profile to auto-follow people. Also, ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair almost ordered a plane shot down on 9/11.  From his book:

A passenger jet had been out of contact for some time and was heading over London. I had the senior RAF commander authorised to get my decision. The fighter jet was airborne. For several anxious minutes we talked, trying desperately to get an instinct as to whether this was threat or mishap. The deadline came. I decided we should hold back.

5) Dangerous Sport: 18 people have died over the past ten days while mushroom hunting in Italy.

6) Epic Fight: With water balloons. Also, the music video for Kyle Andrews’ “You Always Make Me Smile.”

7) New York, New York: Two German producers give us this awesome short about the city.

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