One More Story From Rome

31 Aug

One evening in Rome, we decided to go to a lovely little restaurant near Piazza Navona for dinner. I remembered this area from a past trip. Darcy and I wandered through the area and eventually found a really cute little restaurant. It was really good. I tried to replicate this with the kids.

As we walked through Piazza Navona, a political rally dominated the scene.  A group of journalists were protesting a new law that allowed the government to listen to their phone calls.  Pretty bad.

Piazza Navona: always beautiful

So I took the group a few blocks away from the noise (we couldn’t get across to where I was before) and found this cute restaurant.  This allowed the kids to try some new dishes.  So they got pasta with pesto, tomato sauce and gnocchi.  I was bummed. It was always nearly impossible to get them to try new things.

Walking to dinner; no photo of the waitress exists

Then, the funny conversations began. One of my kids, Caitlen, was enjoying the conversation a lot, chatting and laughing a ton. All good things.  The waitress began to get frustrated though. She accused Caitlen of talking too much and not eating her food. She felt that the food would become cold. They battled for a while. At the end, she claimed she would hit Caitlen if she came back, but then gave her a quick hug when we left.

The battle was over.  No blood.  But… don’t talk to much in Italian restaurants.

The following day we returned.

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