Links: 8/26

26 Aug

1) Google’s Pumped: Yesterday, Google released a feature that allows people to call phones from their Gmail account.  This feature resembles Skype, the popular video chatting application.  Today, Google tweeted that 1,000,000 million phone calls had been made since the launch.

2) Surprise Viral Hit Gets Star Treatment (Again): In late July, a local news broadcast in Huntsville, Alabama first told the story of Dodson family.  One of the family members, Antoine, drew the attention of Auto-Tune the News.  The Gregory brother produced a version of the song that would be sold on iTunes and would even place on the Hot 100 chart last week. Today, a bunch of punk artists recorded their own version of the song.

3) DC Mayoral Race Music: Last week, I told you of one new song in favor of current mayor Adrian Fenty.  Now, a new music has emerged and the DCist blog has reviewed it.

4) Texting habits: a recent survey examines how we, as a people, text and use cell phones by race and gender.

5) A New “Dilemma”: Author Michael Pollan of “Omnivore’s Dilemma” fame, believes it’s worthwhile to spend more on eggs because:

“when we’re spending billions to deal with a salmonella outbreak, [food] isn’t really as cheap as it seems”

6) Terrorists Like Avril: This story is not so funny.  Canadian police arrested three men on charges of terrorism against targets in Canada and abroad.  But the story took a bit of a turn when footage emerged of one of the men trying out on “Canadian Idol.” He sang Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” (poorly) and did the moonwalk.

7) Funny, but Accurate

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