Lovely Links

25 Aug

I’ve stumbled upon some bizarre and awesome links recently.  I might turn this into a daily (or weekly) sort of thing, so keep your eyes peeled.

1) Colorado Politics: Democratic candidate for governor John Hickenlooper is enjoying a large lead ahead of this year’s contest.  It’s so large that he was able to put up this odd commercial.

2) Vermont Senate:  When you’re facing an established US Senator who’s predicted to coast to victory this year, you have to work hard to distinguish yourself, especially in the primaries.  Daniel Freilich tried really hard, but lost.  He did, however, leave us this gem of a commercial. It reminds us of this other gem. [Hat tip: Midd Blog]

3) Apparently, poets from the old days used texting lingo.

4) Want to find discount airline fares?  This site has the cutest mascot around.

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