News in Italy

17 Aug

A couple of interesting stories have emerged from Italy in the past few days.

1) “Eat, Pray, Love” came out in theatres.  Though it didn’t do as well as many hoped, lots of others suspect the movie will prompt many women to flock to Italy.  Remember “Under the Tuscan Sun?”  Yeah, the same thing happened.  The movie let Julia Roberts (who stars in it) eat and eat delicious Italian food and has prompted restaurants in Italy and back home to offer new tasting menus, inspired by the movie.

2) Florence v. Italy? Yep, the city is battling the country over one of the most-viewed tourist attractions.  Michelangelo’s “David.” The statue resides in the Academia in Florence, but the country claims ownership of it.  In spite of other politicians decrying the battle as “absurd and inopportune,” the mayor of Florence vows that the city will keep her sacred treasure.

David: who wants a piece of him?

3) The celebrity world went crazy over the weekend, when it looked like George Clooney’s girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis flashed a wedding ring while the couple dined in Italy.  Now, it turns out it was just a napkin ring. Ladies all over the world can breathe easy again.  Clooney is a famous villa owner on the beautiful Lake Como.

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