Odds and Ends

16 Aug

As I stepped into work today, I had a horrific feeling of déjà vu when I saw that a plane had crashed on a Colombian island in the Caribbean.  Incredibly, out of more than 130 passengers on the plane, only one person died— a “miracle,” according to one local government official.  The New York Times has an excellent account of the crash, which caused the plane to split into three pieces.

The "miracle" crash

But the crash struck me because it occurred on a Monday.  Last week, of course, a plane carrying former senator Ted Stevens crashed into the Alaskan wilderness, resulting in the deaths of five people. Investigators have been able to speak with survivors who felt nothing out of the ordinary before the crash.

Anyways, let’s hope this disturbing trend has come to an end.  Another news story that I heard a lot about given my proximity to it is the D.C. mayoral race, which pits incumbent Adrian Fenty against Vincent Gray, both democrats.  An unofficial theme song in favor of Fenty has emerged, and makes me laugh every time I hear it.

A last note.  I finally made it to “We, the Pizza” with my buddy Ezra this weekend.  The restaurant was packed and blaring lots of bad 2000s pop.   We opted for a full-size Buffalo mozzarella and roasted tomato pizza, which was delicious.  The crust is plenty thick; we had enough pizza leftover for another meal pretty much.  Check out the menu here.  Well worth checking out.  It’s trendy after all.

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