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Politicians Caught Red Handed Doing Dastardly Things

12 Apr

One of the great disadvantages to being a public servant is the cameras are always on you. Now, you would think that would make politicians more careful. These two incidents, however, prove that is not always the case.

1) Czech President Steals Chilean President’s Pen: Czech President Vaclav Klaus welcomed Chilean leader Sebastian Pinera to his country and held a meet and greet. At a press conference, he noticed a really nice pen that belonged to Pinera. As the cameras rolled and Peinera began speaking, he took out the pen, switched hands and then pocketed it. All without blinking an eye. He also retained a really guilty look on his face. Most baffling about the whole incident? Why Klaus decided to steal the pen at that moment and why he looked completely uninterested in what Pinera was saying.

2) Indonesian Member of Parliament Busted Watching Porn in Chamber: Again, where do you think you are? The man, who goes by the single name Arifinto, was spotted watching the sexually explicit clips as members of parliament debated a proposed constructing a new building to house the government. Ironically, Arifinto was one of the key supporters of a strict anti-pornography law that went into effect recently. Under that law, he could face years in jail for his offense. Arifinto immediately resigned from parliament and said his staunchly Islamic Prosperous Justice Party did not coerce him to resign. He claims he accidentally opened a random e-mail with the offensive content.

Arifinto Porn

Today in Sex (sNSFW)

31 Mar

Seems like there’s a lot of news about sex in recent days. Not sure why. Something in the water?

1) USC Students Caught Having Sex on Top of Building: Cameras were all around to catch this guy and gal having sex, on top of one of USC’s buildings. Why so many cameras? Well, there were hundreds of people below for a philanthropy event. The guy was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, which had its very own scandal earlier this month. If you want to see the pictures, which are most certainly NSFW, click here.

2) Student Magazine Cover Shocks Community: Editors of the University of North Florida’s Spinnaker is in deep trouble after running this picture, which simulates a woman receiving oral sex. The story was about how many young people have actually contracted HPV from oral sex and was alerting students about the dangers. Complaints have come primarily from employees and outsiders, but not from students.

3) MTV Switzerland Sex Ads: The television company ran a series of advertisements with the tagline “sex is no accident. Always wear a condom” followed by advertisements picturing accidental sexual encounters. I’m not explaining this well. Check out a sample ad or see them all here.